Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week One: Welcome, Getting Set Up, Tracking Your Metrics, Setting Your Calories and Macros, and Logging Your Food.

    • Welcome!

    • Main Lesson One: How This Course Works

    • Main Lesson Two: Weight Loss Expectations From This Course

    • Main Lesson Three: Your Google Drive Student Folder and Home Base Sheet

    • Main Lesson Four: Which Metrics To Track and How To Track Them

    • Main Lesson Five: Setting Up Your Calorie and Macro Budgets

    • Main Lesson Six: Tracking and Logging Your Food

    • Main Lesson Seven: How To Estimate Portion Sizes

    • Main Lesson Eight: Using Your Food Tracking Sheet

    • Main Lesson Nine: Your Deepest Why

    • Week One Homework

  • 2

    Week Two: The Macros and Building and Ordering Healthy Lunches and Dinners.

    • Week Two Overview

    • Main Lesson One: Macro and Micro Nutrient Overview

    • Main Lesson Two: Protein

    • Main Lesson Three: Carbohydrates

    • Main Lesson Four: The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

    • Main Lesson Five: Dietary Fat

    • Main Lesson Six: Vegetables

    • Main Lesson Seven: How To Build Healthy Lunches and Dinners

    • Main Lesson Eight: Dressings and Condiments

    • Main Lesson Nine: How To Order Healthy Lunches and Dinners From a Menu

    • Week Two Homework

  • 3

    Week Three: Building Healthy Breakfasts and Snacks and Approaching Alcohol.

    • Week Three Overview

    • Fruit

    • How To Approach Casual Beverages

    • How To Build Healthy Breakfasts

    • How To Approach Caffeinated Beverages

    • How To Build Healthy Snacks

    • Alcohol

    • Week Three Homework

  • 4

    Week Four: Proactive Eating and Planning For Your Week.

    • Week Four Overview

    • Proactive Eating

    • Planning Your Meals For The Next 24 Hours

    • Planning For Unforeseeable "Sub-Optimal Meals"

    • Planning Your Weekends

    • Week Four Homework

  • 5

    Week Five: Discipline, Willpower, and Crafting Healthy Environments.

    • Week Five Overview

    • Main Lesson: How Discipline and Willpower Really Work

    • Main Lesson: Crafting Healthy Environments & A Healthy Home

    • Main Lesson: Working With Others in Your Environments

    • Main Lesson: What Foods To Bring Into Your Environments

    • Week Five Homework

  • 6

    Week Six: Building Healthy Social Circles and Transforming Your Core Identity.

    • Week 6 Intro

    • Main Lesson: Relationships, Activities, and Your Weight Loss

    • Main Lesson: How To Handle Unsupportive Friends and Family Members.

    • Main Lesson Seven: Transforming Your Core Eating Identity

    • Week Six Homework

  • 7

    Week Seven: How Sleep and Stress Impact Hunger and Weight and Intermittent Fasting.

    • Week Seven Introduction

    • Main Lesson: Stress, Eating and Weight Loss.

    • Main Lesson: Sleep, Eating, and Weight Loss.

    • Main Lesson: Intermitting Fasting and Time Restricted Eating

    • Week Seven Homework

  • 8

    Week Eight: Chemical Drivers of Hunger and Cravings.

    • Week Eight Intro

    • Lesson One: Hunger, Fullness, Leptin, and Ghrelin.

    • Lesson Two: Dopamine Driven Hunger.

    • Lesson Three: Gut Health, Hunger, and Weight.

    • Week Eight Homework

  • 9

    Week Nine: Handling and Overcoming Plateaus and Stalls.

    • Week Nine Intro

    • Lesson One: Overcoming Plateaus and Stalls.

    • Week Nine Homework

  • 10

    Week Ten: Managing Your Mindset and Approach Through Long Term Weight Loss Phases.

    • Week Ten Intro

    • Lesson One: Aligning Your Expectations With Your Circumstances

    • Lesson Two: Weight Loss Phases Part One.

    • Main Lesson Three: Weight Loss Phases Part Two.

    • Main Lesson: Case Study: Weight Loss Phases Over A Full Transformation.

    • Week Ten Homework

  • 11

    Week Eleven: Strategies For Maintaining Your Eating and Weight Loss Transformations For Good.

    • Week Eleven Overview

    • Main Lesson One: The Truth About Long Term Weight Loss

    • Main Lesson Two: Understanding and Overcoming Metabolic Adaptation.

    • Main Lesson Three: Estimating Your Current Metabolic Adaptation

    • Bonus Lesson: The Time and Place For Bariatric Surgery.

    • Week Eleven Homework

  • 12

    Week Twelve: Transitioning on From This Course.

    • Week Twelve Overview

    • Main Lesson: Updating Your Calories and Macros For Your Full Transformation.

    • Main Lesson: Transitioning on From This Course and Best Next Steps.

    • Main Lesson: Congratulations(!) and Continuing To Work Together.

    • Main Lesson: Forever Habits